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The world's 1st rechargeable electric-hybrid recreational hovercraft

The world's quietest hovercraft

Discover the 

Advanced Hovercraft Technology

Fully Customisable

Available Worldwide

Superior Quality, Finish & Detail

Built Like the Bullet Train


The Ultimate All Terrain Vehicle

Sleek, stylish and agile, the Revolution is a quiet innovative amphibious cruiser, allowing you to travel at speeds of  up to *55 knots (100 km/h) across surfaces including concrete, bitumen, grass, mud, sand, snow, ice and water. 

*top speeds vary on different surfaces. 

Expert Builders

Our team of expert builders and engineers are dedicated to creating hovercraft that provide  speed, excitement and adventure. We have decades of experience in the industry and use the latest technology to create the worlds most innovative hovercraft that are fun, safe and reliable.


Whether you're looking for a secluded fishing or camping spot, or just want to tread where others can't, the Revolution is a cushion of air that goes anywhere.

Customisable Options

Add your custom livery to personalise your new machine including colour(s), pinstriping and decals, allowing your crew to recognise you as you tear over the horizon. 

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